NZMASP is the annual New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Conference. This year's conference will be held in Auckland and it is hosted by University of Auckland. Honours, Masters and PhD students from all Universities in New Zealand are encouraged to attend and present a short talk.

The major goal of the conference will be a strong exchange of ideas among NZ postgraduates in Mathematics and Statistics. Other goals include giving NZ postgraduate students practice in presenting their material, networking with other students and being introduced to conference etiquette in preparation and encouragement for more formal domestic and international conferences in Mathematics and Statistics.

The strength of this conference lies in its atmosphere as a supportive, non-threatening, academic environment for postgraduate students to present their research. The conference is student-only, with the exception of three invited speakers, respectively in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics (see the "Program" page).

Since 2008, prize winners at the postgraduate conference have shown evidence of success and in most cases went on to win the Aitken prize for best student presentation at the subsequent New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium.

Congratulations to Nick Brettell, Valentina Baccetti, Laurence Palk and Peter Jaksons for winning prizes for the best talks, and to Paul Cordue, elected for the People's Choice award!

Conference photo is now available here.